What are Tchotchkes?

I have cringed for many, many years about being called the Tchotchke Lady---laughing on the outside, but seething on the inside. Didn't they know of my marketing background? My attention to detail? My years of experience? Ignoring my own advice of turning a negative into a positive (and not being of the Jewish faith), I did a little research on the word to search for a positive side. Tchotchke (originally from the Yiddish) is often spelled a variety of other ways (such as tshotshke, tshatshke, tchatchke, chahke or chochke) because there is no standardized transliteration. Ultimately from a Slavic word for "toys", they are known as trinkets, small toys, knicknacks, baubles, little playthings, ornaments and brac-a-brack. The term was long used in the connotation of worthlessness or disposability as well as tackiness. The term may also refer to "swag" in the sense of logo pens, key fobs and other promotional freebies dispensed at trade shows, conventions and other similar large events (such as Cannes Film Festival) ? That "swag" means "plunder", "booty", "money" and valuables. I now know that I can deal with both sides.

I do not sell disposable garbage. But if I did, I would recommended recyclable plastic pens, biodegradable bags and recycled tire products. Please visit our environmentally-friendly products.

I do not sell dented or damaged cups or mugs. If you wish one, you can try this ceramic dented cup pen holder or view our coffee mug selection and our unique mug page on our web site.

I don't just carry logo pens. If you would like to see some, please visit our Writing Instruments Page. But I offer alot of nuts and bolts items such as this Nut and Bolt pen featured on our Novelty Pen Page.
If you are short on time and looking for a unique giveaway, visit our Unique Page. We also carry Miniature Replica Clocks that are truly different.

You could also Gamble a little and give us a call and let us find a unique Tchotchke for you!

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