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Plastic Items

Thousands of everyday custom and novelty imprinted plastic items from kitchen to automotive products and all things plastic in-between. Below are just some of the items we carry. If you don't see it here, contact us and let us do the research for you. For a large selection of things made plastic from just one of our suppliers, please click here. Page 1 of 2

Custom imprinted plastic table or banquet rolls. 1.7 mil table cover features a step and repeat image and measure 54 x 100 feet. Minimum 50 rolls covers 16 6' tables. Contact us for additional information and current pricing. Other sizes available.
Click here for our custom imprinted line of Stadium Cups and Casino Cups.
We carry a large selection of Ash Trays for home and for cars including a windshield ash tray. Click here for a few ideas and selections.
Some of our plastic Automotive products and accessories can be viewed here including a funnel for oil and other fluids for your car.
Custom imprinted fly Swatters. Click here for unique styles and shapes.
Unique imprinted Sink Basin Paper Clip Holder. Minimum 50 pieces. Contact us for additional information and pricing.
Magnetic Lucky Lottery Pocket: Imprint your logo or advertising message on the patented Lucky Pocket lottery tick holder that keeps your customers lottery tickets safely in one place on your refrigerator or file cabinet. Magnet is available in red, yellow, blue or black. Ideal for state lottery promotions, radio station giveaways and stationery stores. Min. custom orders of 1000 pieces or more. Contact us for a custom quotation.
The push and save toothpaste tube squeezer and other health, dental and pharmaceutical plastic products for imprint, can be view here. If you don't see it, contact us for additional health care products.

Staplers, and staple removers such as this mini stapler come in all different sizes, colors and even novelty shapes, can be imprinted on many different locations. Unique stapler combinations in boxes with screws, hooks and tape dispensers are also available for a useful and appreciate holiday gift. Contact us to do the research for you.
A wide assortment of imprinted Tape Measures for household, construction, real estate, mortgage brokers and other industries are the most practical give you can give and will always be kept for years to come. Click here for some ideas and suggestions or contact us.
Imprinted travel shoe polishers are ideal for distributors, representatives, salespeople and employees alike as well as shoe horns and backscratchers. Click here for a few ideas or contact us with other travel ideas and suggestions.
And other useful travel items in plastic are these convenient and useful imprinted sewing kits. Click here for some other travel ideas in plastic that can be custom imprinted with your logo and/or slogan.
Imprinted, custom and novelty shaped rulers, too numerous to mention all here, are available for any industry or application including construction and architectural rulers with scales appropriate for measuring in any increment. Click here to view just a few and contact us for research on other rulers.

Imprinted assortment of bag or chip clips in different sizes from 4-8" in a variety of colors. Click here for some ideas or contact us for research on other styles and colors.

Click here for some unique and classic style Bag Clips.

This unique umbrella rain gauge is just one of dozens of imprinted rain gauges available. Contact us for other ideas and suggestions. Click here for our other available rain gauges.
We carry a large assortment of imprinted band aid and bandage dispensers for children, doctors offices and other health related fields. Contact us to research a selection for you. We also carry first aid kits, below, with an assortment of first aid items.
First aid and other health related products are available in a large assortment of items for imprint and in various package types. Click here for some suggested items.
We carry imprinted pill boxes, pill counters, pill strips and pill trays and pill splitters along with other health related products. Contact us to do research on other pill or capsule shaped products.
Imprinted Personal and travel items including mirrors, lint brushes, travel cases and sewing kits are available in a large assortment of items for imprint and in various package types.
Imprinted Medicine Spoons ideal for doctors, pharma- ceutical companies and other health related industries. Contact us for other ideas and suggestions.

Imprinted Ice Cream Scoops are a spring and summer giveaway for ice cream stores and vendors. Click here for an assortment of other imprinted kitchen products such as pizza wheels, spaghetti server, pastry brushes, salad servers, peanut butter and jelly spreader, vegetable peeler.and a corn butterer.

Imprinted food containers and soda and pet food covers. Contact us for pricing and additional information or click here for some selected ideas.
Imprinted kitchen Pan Scrapers for restaurants, real estate and contractors. Always used and kept around for years with your logo or slogan. We also carry a huge selection of kitchen utensils such as food containers, jar openers and other kitchen products--all available with an imprint. Contact us for color selection and pricing as well as other ideas.
Soap Dishes and this unique soap sheet dispenser are ideal as travel gifts, employee safety programs and doctor office giveaways. The soap sheets are antibacterial. Contact us for additional pricing and imprint information.
Beach Floats for keys and spare change. Click here for some suggested ideas.
Imprinted Coupon Cutters have a wide assortment of applications and are ideal giveaways for real estates, supermarkets and stationery stores.
Custom imprinted Computer Screen Dusters for imprint come in many different styles, shapes and combinations with letter openers and keyboard dusters or click here for some suggestions on these and other computer related giveawaysContact us for ideas and suggestions.
We also carry a large assortment of kitchen products and kitchen utensils including cake servers, spatulas, salad servers, etc---all available with your imprint. Click here for some suggested ideas.
Custom shaped picks for drinks, sandwiches and Hors D'oeuvres. Design your own plastic pick, custom shaped stir sticks or plastic spoons, knives or forks. Or selected for our library of standard shapes. Contact us for minimum quantities and pricing.
Memo Buddy Magnetic Clip is also available in a Heart shaped magnetic clip
Profit and Mortgage Calculation Wheels. Click here for additional ideas.
Custom imprinted Rain Ponchos are ideal for school outings, golf tournaments, summer camp and camping. Contact us for styles and quotations.
Savings and Piggy Banks can be imprinted with your logo and come in different sizes shapes and styles. Click here for just one or our suggestions or contact us for additional research on just the right savings bank for bank promotions, mortgage and title insurance companies.
Imprinted Spray Bottles ideal for lawn cutters, garden center giveaways and floral shops. Different styles and ounces available. Contact us for additional ideas and a custom quotation.
Custom Imprinted Document Cases and Card Cases and other lottery ticket holders. Click here for a general selection of cases such as pocket planners, coupon cases, insurance and automotive holders, pocket protectors, tally books and other wallet and key cases.
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